For 100 days Allison will be exploring all the ways to become a true New Yorker. She's lived in the city since January 2014, but like so many people that move here she started a job and found herself too exhausted to really enjoy the life that New York has to offer. Not anymore. 

This list came from many friends who have lived in New York for a long time, but this will be changing and growing over time!

Please feel free to suggest additions on the contact page. 

The List (to be accomplished in no particular order):

  1. Jump the subway turnstile

  2. Complain about construction

  3. Eat food on the subway

  4. Do your makeup on the subway

  5. Go to Village Vanguard (jazz)

  6. See something weird on the subway

  7. Give someone a subway swipe

  8. Be forced to go barefoot on sidewalk.

  9. Diagonal jaywalk

  10. Wear all black everything for a week

  11. Make eye contact with a beggar and then buy him a meal instead of giving $$

  12. Tell your cab driver what the better route is

  13. Learn to always specify NSEW

  14. Learn the bus system

  15. Pronounce Houston "How-ston"

  16. Go to Field Six

  17. Get to know a deli guy/barista/someone well enough that they'll let you pay them back later

  18. Watch someone do something stupid and make eye contact with a stranger just to eyeroll or laugh together

  19. Bagel and Lox at Russ and Daughters

  20. Go to the best toy store in the world, FAO Schwarz!

  21. Take gypsy cab (make sure you establish your price upfront)

  22. Have a deep conversation with a taxi driver

  23. Go to an indie art fair

  24. Get into a fight with Roger (Allison's fiance) in public

  25. Find a good spot for trivia

  26. Go to all 5 boroughs in one day

  27. Go to the botanical garden in the Bronx

  28. Go to the Bronx zoo

  29. Go to the Central Park Zoo

  30. Go to a concert at Summer Stage

  31. Go to the Rockaways

  32. Ride the subway without holding on to anything

  33. Go to the Hamptons

  34. Get drunk in the Gutter in WIlliamsburg

  35. Go to Russian Bath House in East Village

  36. Hang out on someone else’s fire escape

  37. Go to Coney Island, eat a hotdog, and ride the roller coaster

  38. Sylvia's fried chicken

  39. Go to the flea market in Soho

  40. Find a fake bag in the “back back” of Chinatown store

  41. See Maury Povitch

  42. Eat dollar slice pizza

  43. City Island - best seafood

  44. Orchard beach

  45. West Indian festival

  46. Puerto Rican festival

  47. Korean food in K-town

  48. Chinese food in Chinatown

  49. Eat Dominican food in Washington Heights

  50. Eat Puerto Rican in Lower East Side

  51. Get into a fight with a cabbie

  52. Tribeca Film Festival!

  53. Warehouse party in Bushwick

  54. Boozy brunch on Saturday

  55. Don’t go to the Statue of Liberty. Ever.

  56. Argue about the fastest way to get somewhere

  57. Subway hop (go from car to car)

  58. Celebrity sighting in West Village

  59. Go see Spike Lee with Jennifer

  60. Only eat Seamless for one day and do not leave the apartment

  61. Witness subway break dancing

  62. Go to public pool

  63. Use a public bathroom

  64. Curse out a tourist

  65. Madison Square Garden

  66. Slam the front of a cab with hand

  67. Be passive aggressive in Trader Joes

  68. Pay with change in order to get into the Met

  69. Give directions to a tourist

  70. Know exactly where to get on and off the subway to get to a turnstile

  71. Do grocery shopping at Duane Reade

  72. Eat pizza at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn

  73. Eat pizza at Sac's in Queens

  74. Noguchi museum

  75. Spa Palace

  76. Go to a comedy show

  77. TWA Terminal

  78. Rock roof gardens

  79. Strawberry Fields

  80. The whale room at Natural History Museum

  81. The Cloisters

  82. Driving the HH parkway

  83. Ride the tram to Roosevelt Island

  84. The Noguchi Museum

  85. Tudor city

  86. Yorkville and The Paris Review's old environs

  87. Bloomingdale's secret train car

  88. Brunch in Bergdorf's basement

  89. Eat “street meat”

  90. Jones beach

  91. Walk across the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges in one day

  92. Bike up the West Side Highway to the Little Red Lighthouse.

  93. See an opera at the Met

  94. Close a bar

  95. Find smart ways to save money

  96. Do the Mermaid Parade

  97. Eat soup dumplings in Chinatown

  98. Have a pint at Jimmy's Corner

  99. True New Yorker's know that La Guardia is much better than JFK

  100. Rowboat in Central Park

  101. Visit the Apollo Theatre

  102. Read a rare book at the Central Library

  103. Eat at Per Se, Daniel, Le Bernadin, or 11 Madison Park

  104. Catch a Mets game

  105. Catch an art film at the Film Forum

  106. Cruise opening night shows in Chelsea

  107. Visit the hall of Science, they have a de rigueur Eames exhibit

  108. Take a train to Cold Spring or Dia:Beacon.

  109. Pay way too much for your apartment

  110. Catch a busking performance by Too Many Zooz

  111. Buy your cheese at that nameless cheese shop on Bowery just north of Cooper union

  112. Go to Cypriot meat market just under the El in Astoria

  113. Pizza at Lombardi's

  114. Buy cheese at Murray's on Bleeker

  115. Wait in line at Zabar's on a Saturday night for hand sliced nova

  116. Go to Ess-a-bagel

  117. Cannoli from Egidio on 187th st and Arthur Ave

  118. Go to Oyster Bar get an oyster pan roast

  119. New York City is the best city

  120. A cannoli at Veniero's

  121. Union Square farmer's market

  122. Rockettes (and try to get a backstage tour of the deco period apartments designed by Donald Deskey, staten island ferry,

  123. Walk (or run) around the Central Park reservoir,

  124. Get a car and try alternate side of the street parking on the Upper West Side at 11pm

  125. Yankees home game

  126. Go to the Brooklyn Botanic garden

  127. Find a partner and whisper to each other in the tunnel at Grand Central Station just in front of the Oyster Bar

  128. End the evening (or begin the evening) with a drink at the Campbell Apartments.

  129. Go to a concert at Terminal 5

  130. Go to a weird all night “Happening”

  131. Go to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

  132. Visit the Hayden Planetarium

  133. Ride a bike across one of the bridges

  134. Ride a bike to work

  135. Eat a slice of artichoke pizza 

  136. Do your makeup at Sephora before work without planning on buying anything,

  137. Flip off a car

  138. Get a $20 mani pedi combo,

  139. Feed the ducks in Prospect Park

  140. Cafe Tatiana

  141. Cruise around on a Citi bike

  142. Clams at City Island

  143. Get your laundry delivered

  144. Housingworks Bookstore

  145. Brooklyn Flea

  146. Rooftop Party

  147. Go to a Speakeasy

  148. Eat cheesecake at a diner at 3:00am